"Once you sign your artwork it's no longer yours".

This artwork initially began in 2014, part of a series called living on the edge of uncertainty. Due to a tragedy that happened in my life. The birds were the idea or the theme. It's a mix of feeling caged and hopelessness. The need to break away from reality or life. I started collecting images of seagulls and other birds from the internet. Then began to sketch them in a different forms. Although the birds are flying together, each bird was different according to each move and time. I had a large unstretched canvas placed on the floor and I was working around it. I used acrylic paints and large brushes. Few years later I was commissioned to paint the same piece in a different size and this time I used oil and acrylic colours. My intentions were to produce a well presented work that is gutsy, with the use of thick paints or gesso, with the knife and no brushes only for the background. I once heard this phrase "Once you sign your work it's no longer yours". It's true! I lost the feeling that I owned this work. Such is life we really don't own anything!.

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